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Binary Options as Investing, Gambling or Career

Binary options trading is marketed in three ways. The purpose of this post is to explore the different marketing strategies and to see if they are legitimate.

Binary Options as a Career


Unfortunately many online marketers prey on the unemployed or the underpaid and present Binary Options as a get rich quick scheme. In typical infomercial fashion they tell stories of how you can make a great living trading binary options after buying this product or signing with this broker or watching a few training videos.  I don’t like using the phrase binary options scam because that implies cheating or lying.  Theoretically what these campaigns describe are possible, they are just extremely unlikely. Most of the people targeted in these ads have very little patience and money to spend.  These types of promotions are a last resort for people. They need to make a fast change in their life. Most of the time these customers make their initial deposit, lose their money and move on.

In reality Binary Options trading, similar to other trading platforms, is like any other profession or business. It takes time, money and experience to be successful. A person can make a living trading binary options or any other type of trading. Binary Options have the advantage of simplicity relative to other trading endeavors, but it is not a get rich quick scheme.   One of the simplest binary options platforms is the MarketsWorld Platform.  In moments you will be making Binary Options call and put trades.

Another important piece of your trading success will be based on your binary options training.  Many brokers offer one on one training such as Redwood Options.

Binary Options as Gambling

Binary Options is also presented by many online gambling sites as a type of financial gaming. The truth is that many of the same companies that provide gambling platforms and do marketing for online gaming were responsible for the development of many online binary options platforms.

Binary Options GamblingIn many taxing authorities it is classified as fixed odds betting in that the profit or loss is predetermined depending on one outcome or the other. This provides certain tax advantages over other types of gambling and is therefore popular within gaming circles. Traditionally speaking, trading or investing in the markets has often been considered a type of gambling based on the elevated risks and uncertainties involved. The simplicity of binary options trading coupled with the short investment time frames of as low 1 minute with the advent of 60 Second Binary Options, make Binary Options even more attractive to gamblers than other investment or trading devices. One Touch Options have high returns which may be attractive to gamblers.  Many brokers offer One Touch binary option trading like 24Option. For someone who enjoys recreational gambling and also has an interest in the financial markets Binary Options trading can be extremely attractive.

Binary Options as Investing

Binary Options Investing

Binary Options is also presented as an investment device. It is marketed as just another tool for someone’s investment or trading strategy. It is much simpler and takes less capital to trade binary options than most other trading choices. Currency trading is much more difficult to learn. Buying securities takes more money. Commodity trading is very risky and takes a large amount of capital. Regular options are very difficult to master. Binary Options offers high returns, are easy to learn and do not require a large investment and therefore have a place as an investment choice. It not only works as a stand-alone investment strategy, but can be used in conjunction with all of the above mentioned trading classes to create hedges against losses in those more long term positions.  Trading in binary options offers the investor a full compliment of assets to trade, including stocks, commodities, indeces and currencies.  You can trade all these asset types at many binary options brokers like TradeRush.

Binary Options trading can fit into all of the above classes. People who have the proper patience, time, capital and discipline can make a very good living trading binary options as a career. Recreationally, binary options is great for people interested in both gambling and the financial markets. Binary options can be a great investment device, either by itself or a hedge against other investments.