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TradoLogic Platform Review

The Tradologic platform supports about 18 binary option brokers, including CedarFinance and OptionBit. Their platform is based upon 3 main types of trading strategies, which they call Digital, Touch, and Range. Trader can choose options from a selection of Currencies, Indices, Stocks and Commodities.

Digital: Standard Binary Option trade. Trader clicks on ABOVE/CALL arrow if he believes asset will be above current market price at expiration. Clicks on BELOW/PUT arrow if he believes asset will be below current market price at expiration.

TradoLogic Trading Screen


The digital screen has a dropdown menu for assets or click on a tab to select asset type list.

Touch:  Asset needs to touch a certain price within a certain time frame. Allows for larger payouts.

TradoLogic Touch Trading Feature


Range: Trader predicts whether an asset will expire in or out of a predetermined trading range.

TradoLogic Range Trading Feature

Turbo Trading: TradoLogic offers multiple short term options. Choose from options that expire in 60 Seconds, 2 Minutes and 5 Minutes.

Tradologic offers a Take Profit and Rollover feature.

Take Profit: Trader can close a position before expiration if it in the money to secure some of the profit.

Rollover: For a fee trader can extend the expiration time of an existing position.

Trade can choose from 2 screen views.

1) Multiple position view- Shows 4 different trade scenerios.

TradoLogic Screen View

2) Single trade view- Shows 1 trade window.

TradoLogic Screen View

The standard Tradologic broker home page provides a live ticker as well as trading information. Trader must click on a separate button to enter the trading platform.  As with most of the platforms Tradologic receives financial data from Reuters.

The following is a list of our recommended Brokers operating on the TradoLogic Platform:

1. Cedar Finance

2. Regal Options

3. Option Bit

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