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We ‘re proud to unveil the new design for

Over the last few years the site has changed a lot and we’re really excited about the new design PLUS the new features we have planned over the next few months.

We’ll be adding some great new tools to help you out in your trading as well as expanding our range of content to include more financial data and sectors. This site is built for YOU, so leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

“TradeOpus is all about the community. We’ve always provided honest and updated info to our readers, even when it wasn’t popular to do it” – JD Lasinger

Over the years the site has changed a lot, so here’s a quick look at the last years and the how the site has evolved.

Evolution of a Binary Options Blog 2012

Back in the old days when was young 2013

Moving with the times, we focused on content new design 2014

Today! Check back in a month or two when we add the rest of the new gadgets


So a BIG thank you to all of our readers who’ve helped us grow through the years!

So share the love and helps us spread the word about TradeOpus.

Here are some of our most popular articles over the last couple of months:



  1. The website is great, clearer and looks more professional; not just a marketing tool for a few selected brokers. I am not yet a serious binary trader, still just shopping around for a good broker, but the moment I get serious I will do so with TradeOpus advice and signals.

    One small test: I am sure you would like to spread your gospel beyond the US. One thing that annoys me is that most US based enterprises imagine that there are no customers in the rest of the world out there. You need to know that the bigger market may be outside the US!

    I live in East Africa and I am giving you a challenge. I want you to connect me to brokers who can give me small no deposit bonus funds e.g. $25 on my accounts and use me to market themselves by the experience I will show by driving these small amounts upwards, giving comments all the way. Beeoptions recently deposited $25 on my account but did not follow up to see what lessons were learnt.

    Which other brokers can do that?

    • Hi Joseph

      Thanks for the great feedback, we really appreciate it.
      You’re completely correct about the US and today many of our traders are from outside the US. We actually have quite a lot from Africa!
      Give BellOptions a try. We’ve been working with them recently and our experience has been great. Tell them TradeOpus sent you and you’ll get your funds.

      Please also feel free to mail us directly at any time for any questions or comments.
      And don’t forget to spread the word about TradeOpus.

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